Tuesday 12th May 2009

I am not jealous about Shadow coming home from dog training and telling me about all the types of dog she met. Well, ok, I am a little bit jealous but I don’t want her to know that. However, I’m happy that it’s her and not me that is being taken round the house being told to ‘sit’ every couple of minutes. This could really get very tiresome.

Whilst on the whole, I have been very placid with Shadow and let her have her own way on almost everything, there are some lines that need to be drawn and I’ll growl to do it if I have to. Firstly, my Mistress’s bed is exclusively mine and I am not prepared to share it. Secondly, the bed under the desk at my Mistress’s feet is mine whenever I want to sit there. I will tolerate her using it when I am not there, but she must give it up to me whenever I ask. Unless of course, even after I have growled at me she continues to jump all over me in which case I will give it up in favour of a quiet life.

What was funny, well to me anyway, was that the other day my Mistress thought that Shadow was happily chewing on her teething ring, when she turned round and found that she has actually eaten all the corners of the Ideal Standard catalogue that we had got for choosing things for the new house. She’s also chewed part of a kitchen brochure. I think she may have been trying to tell us that she didn’t like that particular one. It would be much easier if she’d just neatly fold down the pages of the ones she likes as the rest of us do.