Wednesday 13th May 2009

I know from the rabbit situation that there is no point in my trying to offer a home to one of the 10,000 hens that are being rescued from a closing battery farm. That’s an awful lot of hens to find homes for, but if you like eggs now could be your opportunity to get some free hens. You only have to see what I’ve done to the toy version of them to have a bit of an idea of what I might do with them and quite honestly, that can never be a good thing.

Shadow can not only climb the stairs, she can do it fast than I can and I’ve had several years of practice. To be quite honest she seems to be alarmingly springy and can already stand and put her nose over the top of the table in the kitchen. My Mistress found her trying to lick the side of her breakfast bowl the other day and that can never be a good thing. Frostie time is now a moment of great excitement in our house and from the point at which my Mistress pours them into her bowl until the point that the bowl is completely empty, she has our undivided attention. Perhaps Kellogg’s should change their marketing strategy and start to aim them at the discerning dog, rather than just at humans. I’m happy to help them with the advertising and for that matter so is Shadow. I’m not sure that my Mistress wants to appear in her dressing gown so her part could be played by an actress pretending to be out Mistress. We’d react in exactly the same way as long as there was a bowl of Frosties involved. Of course that does rather presume that the actress was properly trained to share her bowl of Frosties with us, with my Mistress that part of the process seems to come naturally.