Monday 11th May 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I read a story about a woman who changed her name to Pudsey Bear being refused a passport. I cannot see why, if that was now legally her name, she shouldn’t travel in that name. She may of course have been refused a passport whatever her name was, in which case I don’t see the issue. One problem might have arisen if they thought she was trying to impersonate the real Pudsey Bear and had included her photograph while wearing a bear suit and a patch over her eye. That I can see is a problem for travelling as whose to say that it wasn’t me dressed up in that way. If however, she was using her own photo it seems most unfair for them not to accept that there might be more than one person called Pudsey Bear. Do you think they ever turn down an application from someone called John Smith on the basis they are worried that he is trying to impersonate a more famous person of the same name?

My Master is in charge again. Well at least I like to let him think that he’s in charge, in reality Shadow is the one in charge. I would have liked it to be me, but Shadow wouldn’t let me. I did point out to her that I am the one that can be trusted not to run off with the shoes, envelopes and in fact anything else that is found lying on the floor. I’m also not the one who has tried eating ivy or a mushroom that we found in the garden. To be honest I think she has a cast iron stomach, but she does seem to get rather a lot of wind!