Sunday 10th May 2009

Today my Mistress has to pass through the Gare De Lyon station in Paris and she’s hoping that it is more successful than the last time. Firstly she got onto the wrong Metro train last time when she was trying to get there and ended up in completely the wrong place. Fortunately she had plenty of time until her train, other wise things could have got a bit awkward. Of course she wished she hadn’t been standing around waiting for her train platform to be put up on the board at the point a small dog came and peed up her suitcase. The owner, an elderly lady, had already walked on and was oblivious to the offence being caused. My poor Mistress just stood there powerless and could only laugh, when the small boy opposite her grinned at her. Such is the way of the world. Even I’m not allowed to pee up my Mistress’s luggage!

We still have one memento from the rabbits. We have a bag full of wood shavings and straw from cleaning out the hutch and my Mistress doesn’t know which bin to put them in. I said that garden waste should go in the green bin, but then it hasn’t come directly from the garden so maybe not. My Mistress is planning to take it straight to the tip, along with the tree in the pot outside the front door that is now officially dead. That will teach my Mistress to buy a Christmas tree with roots. Basically there are roots that are enough to keep a tree green for a few weeks and there are roots that are enough for a tree to grow. This one only had the former so it has done well to get as far as May before being declared beyond hope.