Friday 3rd April 2009

Well tomorrow is the big day, the arrival of Shadow, my new puppy. A couple of weeks ago, one of her favourite things was sitting in a shoe box. Now I know that both my Master and Mistress have large feet, but I wonder if she’s grown too much to be able to do that anymore. We do have a shoe box ready just in case. We also have an awful lot of other things ready for her to try to make her transition to her new life a happy one. I’ve lined my ropes up ready to play and my Mistress has got her bed ready for her to sleep when she’s had enough play. I just can’t wait to show her round.

I don’t think I got round to telling you that my sister Esther has met up with a boy dog too. That was a couple of weeks ago so we are waiting to find out whether she is now expecting puppies. The exciting thing is that if she is, one of those will be coming to live with us too, although not until she is old enough to get her Pet’s Passport. It just means Shadow and I will have to go to Belgium to visit her in the meantime. I think she’ll be born the middle of May if everything has worked. It’s all so exciting. I have enjoyed being an only puppy, but having some company will be really good too. I don’t think I shall mind sharing my house with one or two other animals and I have always said that when I was old enough I would like a pet of my own.