Thursday 2nd April 2009

All garden exits have now been secured, there is no means of escape of Me, Shadow or the rabbits. Not only do we have the inner fencing but the perimeter fence has also been secured. I’m not about to liken our garden to Colditz, but if you’re going to set up this level of security you’re just asking for someone to come along with an escape plan. All we need now is Rambo the sheep to move in the paddock behind the garden and the look will be complete.

It wasn’t until after the building of the fence was complete that my Mistress had the thought that for someone to look after the rabbits when we go away, they are going to need access to the back garden. At the moment, short of issuing them with a stepladder, they aren’t going to get very close to the rabbits. If the rabbit had been Pythagoras instead of Aristotle it might have been able to work out the right angle to be able to vault the fence, but as it is, all we’ll be able to get is some theories on the subject. I’m sure the prospect of needing to come up with a solution in order to eat will help to focus the mind.

If nothing else, in a week’s time when the rabbits move in the second one should at last receive a name. The latest suggestion is Smudge but that may well change. Some would at least say that Smudge is a more feminine name for a rabbit than Aristotle, but as my Mistress had a female cat called Bilbo, gender specific names have clearly not been a priority.