Sunday 22nd March 2009

I spoke too soon on the holiday front. How’s this for inequality? The place they want to go to has only a limited number of bookings available for dogs. Now that in itself is quite clearly dogist, but what did my Mistress do when she found those places were full? Did she book to go somewhere else that was less prejudiced? Did she decide to stay at home with us in protest? Did she write a letter of complaint? I’m sad to say that she didn’t do any of those. She has instead booked to go without us, whilst Shadow and I go to kennels for the week. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the kennels very much and it’s not a bad change to get to see more dogs, but when you compare that with a family holiday, which would you choose? I think it may be that given the choice my Mistress would probably rather go to kennels for the week too, she says it would be much quieter, even with all the howling.

There we were, walking through our village in the dark, when just in time my Mistress managed to spot two frogs crossing the road. Fortunately she didn’t stand on them, as I don’t think that would have been very pleasant for her or the frogs. Don’t you think someone ought to explain to them that in the dark it is best at the very least to wear reflective clothing and even better to carry a torch as well. If they aren’t careful they are going to have an accident. The same was true for the black Labrador we met out for a walk on his own during the day. Admittedly he was easier to see, but he was wandering along the road without a care in the world. He says his garden fence isn’t secure so he can go out when he liked. I didn’t know whether to be envious or concerned.