Wednesday 18th March 2009

Some news stories send shivers through you. I was reading that a dog was swallowed by a snake. Now if I’m being strictly honest that was not how I was thinking of leaving this planet. I was hoping for a long life followed by dying peacefully from nothing more than old age. However, a lady in Australia called her Terrier to come in for lunch, only to find a python sunning himself with a dog shaped lump in the middle. What really made me think was comparing the weight of the python and the dog, it would be like me eating fifteen kilogrammes of steak. Now, I’m not saying I’m not willing to try, but that is an awful lot of steak in anyone’s book. Although, I suppose if the python had been offered steak, it wouldn’t have needed to resort to eating the dog.


Given that there are only three roads in our village that actually go anywhere, it is causing quite a bit of confusion at the moment that two of them are closed for roadworks. Just supposing you wanted to drive from one end of the village to the other, a distance of about half a mile or so, you would need to do a four mile detour to do it. It isn’t as though any roads have actually been dug up. It’s only the kerb stones that are being worked on, but it seems to be causing a lot of upset among delivery drivers. I think the villagers have simply been moving the signs and driving through, which quite honestly seems the best approach. It would make more sense to close the roads round by the duck pond to make sure that none of the ducks get run over while ‘courting’ on the middle of the tarmac. They certainly seem oblivious to the traffic.