Tuesday 17th March 2009

Surprisingly the rabbit hutch, run and fence are all still standing. I’ve not given them much of a push yet, to see if they can withstand the rough tough life they are destined for, but so far I would say it’s a good sign. Now all we need is some rabbits to test the hutch and Shadow to test the fence. It’s less than three weeks until Shadow joins the family and we are all by turns getting excited and nervous. I keep thinking ‘what if she doesn’t like me?’ but then I think, ‘why wouldn’t she? What more could any girl want?’ My Mistress seems more concerned about minor aspects like house training and obedience, but I’ve promised to do my bit in showing her how we do things round here.

We have been through many milestones. First man in space, first man on the moon, first Briton in space and now we have another one, first fruit bat in space. It was on the news yesterday that a fruit bat had been found on the Space Shuttle. Do you think it has now fulfilled a lifelong ambition to go into space and will come home to tell all its fellow fruit bats about the experience? You can see it now, suddenly NASA will have an influx of applications from fruit bats all wanting their turn for excitement. I’m betting they now wished they had been the ones that had the foresight to stowaway and become famous. No other fruit bat will ever be able to say that they were the first. We may of course now find this the beginning of the Guinness Book of Fruit Bat Records, with fruit bats vying to come up with new stunts that other fruit bats haven’t tried.