Thursday 19th March 2009

I could live with sunny weather all year round. It means I can have free run of the house and garden without getting shouted at for having muddy paws. I’m trying to make the most of the garden before the rabbits arrive and disturb the peace. I’ve been practising barking at neighbouring dogs and having a good old howl every so often. Life doesn’t get much better than a good howl. I am pleased to say that despite the good weather, the newly planted flowers have not yet died and my Mistress has even bought a fluorescent green watering can to water them with. I don’t think the colour makes any difference to how good it is, but she liked it and that’s the important thing.

I’m almost at the point of counting the days off until Shadow arrives. I wonder if she’s as excited as I am. I suppose thinking back, it is quite a scary time for a young puppy, leaving their mum and litter mates for the first time and everything being so new. It’s a daunting time for a new puppy. I’m ready to be a surrogate dad if she needs a shoulder to cry on or a helping paw. I’m making some little notices to put round the house to help her find her feet. I’ve done ‘Biscuit cupboard’ and ‘best place to lie in the sunshine’, I’m onto ‘comfiest chair’ and a schedule of meal times next.

The last piece of fencing to separate the garden has now been purchased and I am making the most of the other end of the garden before it becomes something I can only look at. Mind you it will give the grass a chance to recover at the point I use to corner and have taken the surface off.