Monday 23rd February 2009

I’ve been considering my role as surrogate child. I think I’m taking full advantage of it, but it’s always worth the thought of whether there are any aspects I’m missing. I get into bed for a cuddle every morning and insist on being tucked in at night. I get lavished with praise and affection whenever I do anything new or clever and I’m always pleased to see my Mistress when she’s been out without me. She shares her food with me and gives me the best of everything. No, on balance I don’t think there are any areas I’m missing out on. She tidys up after me when I leave my toys around and never gets cross about the mud I leave about. I’ve got a bit of work to do with my Master on that last one, but then he doesn’t see me as a surrogate. He loves me, but at the end of the day I am just a pet to him.

I thought from the way they were talking yesterday one of the dreams I’ve had for the last couple of years was about to come true. They all went to the pet shop and were looking at the rabbits for when they get one in a few weeks. The boss came home saying she had seen some great ‘giant house rabbits’. ‘Oh yes,’ I said. ‘I read about those ages ago. Please can we have one of those?’ I thought she was wavering but then later she said it wouldn’t be practical to get it looked after while we go away and I guess there aren’t many holiday properties or hotels that state they take giant rabbits as well as dogs. I’m going to have to settle for a smaller outdoor one and even then I won’t get any say in what it looks like as it will be Andy’s choice. If he’s old enough to have a pet, why aren’t I? I’m at least as responsible.