Tuesday 17th February 2009

Have I mentioned that we are going to be getting a rabbit? As usual with these things, it’s my Mistress’s fault. In a moment of cheering up a seven year old, she promised that when we got a puppy for James, we would get him a rabbit. She may also have said something about him needing to be at least ten before they would talk about him having a puppy of his own, but that’s still three years away.

The rabbit is already leading to my Mistress having nightmares. Quite apart from the whole dreading what it will be called, as a result of a nasty episode involving a guinea pig about forty years ago, she is having nightmares about it being attacked by the local wildlife. From observation, she should perhaps be more concerned about old Thumper going native. There are more rabbits round here than the farmers know what to do with. On the bright side it probably means she can simply buy a hutch and leave it with the door open and wait for a rabbit to move in. Her latest nightmare is that the poor thing gets myxomatosis from some of the local rabbits, but as I said, if you can force me to have all sorts of horrible inoculations every year, then I’m sure that the vet can do something similar to the rabbit. My Master is concerned that this is just the first steps towards becoming a zoo, but quietly my Mistress is rather looking forward to it. I wonder whether she’s thinking of starting ‘group’ training session with Shadow, me and the rabbit all learning to sit, lie down and roll over on command. I suppose I shouldn’t joke, it would be very upsetting if the rabbit was better at it than we were!