Sunday 15th February 2009

I received some photos of the puppies yesterday. I may be biased, but they are rather beautiful. They look very healthy and glossy and look as though they are now past guinea pig size. It’s easy to spot Shadow as she has a little flash of white on the back of her neck. I’ve got an odd hair there, but she has a little collar. We’ve bought her a little Dumbo comforter that she can get used to now and then bring with her when she moves to live with us. I chose it. I wanted something that was different from my Miffy toys, so that she didn’t get confused. I’m a bit fed up as my Mistress is going to see her again in a couple of weeks time and she won’t take me with her. I have to go to kennels instead.

Valentine’s day passed without me receiving a pile of cards and presents, again! It’s hard being a dog, we have feelings too but don’t have quite the same means of expressing them as you humans. Oh I got lots of fuss and cuddles but it isn’t the same as being send a dozen red roses. Although if I am being strictly honest there wasn’t a red rose in sight in our house. My Mistress seems to have bought my Master a teddy bear skin rug and he bought her a jigsaw and a sweet tin. I couldn’t believe how happy she seemed, but then I don’t suppose I’ll ever really understand women.

Today we are back onto wallpaper stripping. I got out of it last weekend because I was sick. There they were busy in one room and I was returning all my tea in another one. I did at least have the decency to show my Mistress where I had done it so that she could clear up and she was very understanding about letting me off my share of the decorating. I wonder what excuse I can use this week.