Tuesday 10th February 2009

I tried to look to see if there was anything really exciting going on in the world yesterday and although there was, it didn’t feel very immediate to me. There are forest fires the other side of the world and there are banks making less money than they have before, but apart from that there seems to be little directly affecting the life of your average dog. Then I found a bit saying there was more bad weather on the way and thought it better not to depress myself any further.

I’m counting down the days on my paws to when my new housemate, Shadow, can move in with us. It is the most exciting thing that will have happened round her for a very long time. I’ve been casting my eye over the socialisation programme and asking whether I will get to go along to many of the planned events. My Mistress says it will depend if there is anyone else there to help as she will have to concentrate on Shadow. I did start to worry just a tiny bit that I might get a bit left out, but then my Mistress sat me down and reassured me that we would be just as close as we are now and that the idea is that James will do a lot of Shadow’s training, so I relaxed just a little bit. I did ask for an extra cuddle now though, to give be that bit more reassurance. I shall be making sure that Shadow knows her place in the pack at the earliest opportunity. She can have any cuddles that are left to go round when I have had as much of a cuddle as I want first, or she can go to someone other than my Mistress for hers.