Tuesday 30th December 2008

The detritus of Christmas is being cleared away and the old adage is proving as true now as it ever did. ‘What goes up must come down.’ In this instance the ‘up’ is our new house where my Mistress has served meals so that we could all sit round the table and the, ‘down’ is here where we are currently rather short of chairs, cooking equipment and FOOD! For reasons known only to herself, my Mistress does not feel justified to drive 250 yards by car and so can be seen as a pathetic figure walking up and down the road clutching carrier bags in various states of repair. It seems a very sad process, although she has promised to leave us a comfy chair up so that she and I can disappear when we feel like it.

In amongst the great presents that Santa brought at Christmas, there is a soft toy of a dog that looks quite like me. It isn’t exactly the same as it’s missing its white socks, tummy and tail tip, but it looks enough like me for the old paternal feelings to come flooding out. I was almost expecting it to start running round and wanting me to play. It made me realise that my biggest wish for 2009 is to have a companion just like me. Well not quite like me. I’d like her to be female and to recognise me as top dog, but otherwise, just like me.

For reasons known only to themselves, the Romanian city of Bucharest has just made the worlds heaviest ever cake, all 281 kilogrammes of it. That’s an awful lot of cake and I was a bit concerned as I thought the art of cake making was to make it light rather than heavy.