Monday 29th December 2008

My campaign to become Prime Minister has been building slowly. A little too slowly to imagine that I can be elected within the next month or two, but it is a start. I have been asked by some people to tell them what roles I would give them in my Government if they support my campaign. I’d just like to point out that I am an honest dog and will not support such outright corrupt practices. If I am to represent you my people, it must be on the basis of trust and faith that my policies are indeed the right ones to get us through this current economic crisis. There’ll be no ‘jobs for the boys’ or girls for that matter. My cabinet will be selected according to merit, with the most capable to deal with situations selected for the positions. I will not select those who would simply do my bidding, nor will I kowtow to anyone, unless it’s my Mistress and she is offering me a biscuit. I will stand on a campaign for justice and equality for all, including humans. Humans will be as entitled to drink from the puddles of life just as much as any dog. Humans can share in the scraps of success with us and my campaign for inside toilets is just as relevant to humans and cats as it is to dogs, although I fear that both humans and cats are already ahead of us on this score.

If you are ready to sign up to a campaign that stands for all the good principles of life and in which the underdog no longer has to feel trodden on and the top dog is there purely on merit and for the benefit of all, then please sign up to my campaign at

Thank you for your support.