Friday 26th December 2008

I don’t know about a lull before a storm, I think we are now in the excited playing after the storm phase of Christmas. Some are playing noisily. I’ve got a new toy that as yet has not lost its squeak. Some are playing quietly. My Mistress has a digital pen so that she can transfer her work to the computer when she has finished writing it. Some are just playing. Still others have stayed in bed claiming that as it’s his birthday he shouldn’t have to get up early. That may give an excuse for one of the 365 days but what about the other 364?

There are members of the family with toys that need batteries that we haven’t got and there are others with things that they can’t work out the instructions for. All in all, I think it’s been quite a good Christmas and it’s been good having another dog here to share it with too. There has been a bit of an issue over whether we each want to share our new toys and more especially the treats in my stocking, but overall as long as there is a never ending supply for me, I’m not averse to sharing a mouthful or two.

There are more family arriving today, so it’s all going to get a bit busy round here. My cousin Jack may have to sit on the floor rather than the settee. I’ve been good on that score. I know I need to leave enough room for the humans. There are other scores I may not have been quite so good on, but then Santa doesn’t call for another 364 days so I think I’ve got time to improve my record.