Thursday 25th December 2008

Merry Christmas to all my readers. In these times of economic gloom, it is good to take a leaf out of the books of dogs and remember that it is just as possible to spend hours playing with a piece of string as it is an expensive sports car. We will eat potato peelings with as much relish as caviar. We love the simple pleasures of going for a country walk or sitting by the fireside. We will be your faithful friends through thick and thin and are always ready to listen to your problems in exchange for a little rubbing of the ear. We only ever wish for your company, the odd biscuit and lots of affection and we’ll never tell you that you’ve fallen short of our expectations. We will be pleased to see you, however long or short you were gone for and wherever you lay our bed, that’s our home.

Whilst the kids are busy with their new electronic toys, we will be happily drooling over the turkey or sitting in the corner with a dog chew. A dog may not be just for Christmas, but it can provide a wonderful reminder of the things in life that really matter.

A very merry Christmas to you all.