Wednesday 24th December 2008

There is a theme developing here. You may remember when we went on holiday that my Master forgot his wallet, or at least he thought he did. Then we had to turn round after fifteen minutes of driving to come back for it, only to find it was already in the boot. Well yesterday my Master had filled up the car with diesel before finding he’d forgotten his wallet. As they wouldn’t let him leave until he’d paid, my Mistress had to drive no less than a sixty mile round trip to take his wallet to him. I won’t even begin to tell you how pleased she was!

Christmas eve is a time to contemplate. In my case, it is a time to contemplate all the food that may get dropped in my direction tomorrow and all the presents that I may get to open. I have been a good dog, at least some of the time and I’m hoping that Santa won’t hold the odd regression to wolf against me. As the dog of the house, it falls on my shoulders to keep everyone calm through the festive season, although chasing my cousin Jack round the Christmas tree may not help with the overall level of calmness and it’s a good job that the tree didn’t need to hang onto its needles much longer. Alternatively, we would need to convince ourselves that a needleless tree is actually fashionable.

I’m off to finish wrapping my presents and see if I can do it without getting Sellotape stuck to my fur. I can assure you that it is impossible to do it without getting fur stuck to the Sellotape and every present wrapped by me or otherwise, does come with added dog hair. It’s a sort of signature thing.