Wednesday 17th December 2008

It’s a good job our architect has a dog of his own, otherwise he’d think my Mistress was completely loopy. Obviously she is completely loopy but that isn’t the point. How many people do you know that include windows that go down to the floor just so their dog can watch the world go by while their Mistress works? I was less enamoured with having my own bathroom, but I’m will to forgive her given her insistence on stable doors and special windows.

I have sent my entry in to the blog competition. It took some doing to decide on which days to submit, but I tried to keep it focussed on my more political ramblings. I’m just hoping that they are willing to take a dog seriously. It would have been all right if it were Orwell himself doing the judging, he wasn’t afraid to reflect the voices of animals and he certainly brought the thinking of pigs to a wider audience. I’ve never had much of an opportunity to make the acquaintance of pigs, at least not while they are in any state to have a political discussion. You don’t get a lot of sense out of a rasher of streaky bacon.

You have to think that having animals running the country would be an improvement when you see that the human news headlines offer you a preview a talent show song. “The pound is worth lots less than it was, house prices are falling, banks are going bust, what shall we do? Oh I know, let’s watch a preview of a song. That should sort it all out.” How do humans manage to get things so spectacularly wrong so often? Dogs may get one or two things wrong, but on the whole our simple approach works very well, if you can’t sniff it, chew on it or pee on it, then it probably isn’t worth bothering with.