Thursday 18th December 2008

Only a week to Christmas. As I write, Santa is having a last check with the elves, making sure they have made, wrapped and labelled all the presents. Later he will be running through a safety briefing with the reindeer. He needs to check that their harnesses will be properly fastened and they have covered all the training for landings and take offs. Rudolph will of course provide the immediate safety announcements before they set off, covering what they do if they land on water and where the lifejackets are stowed. Mrs Claus is fussing about whether Santa has got the schedule right, to make sure he’s home in time for supper and has packed up a few sandwiches ready for Santa and the reindeer in case they feel like a snack on the way. OK, I made that last bit up, if she has already packed the sandwiches they will be mouldy by next week. My Master seems to think that the magic surrounding the sleigh might keep them fresh, but then he thinks that there is magic which means the fridge never runs out of food too. Of course given all the mince pies and brandy that are left for Santa on the way round, there is little chance of his either being hungry or needing his tea, but he’ll humour Mrs Claus for the sake of a peaceful festive season. To be honest, he’s quite glad he’ll be out on Christmas Day, as Mrs Claus has invited all her family round and he’ll be glad of the night sky quiet, however he’s not likely to get much peace if Rudolph starts a sing a long with the others. He does a wonderful rendition of ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’.