Tuesday 16th December 2008

Every so often in life you stop and realise that absolutely nothing of any significance has happened in the last twenty-four hours. I have had no momentous thoughts. I have achieved no great deeds. I haven’t been anywhere new. I’ve simply got on with the business of being alive. I don’t feel deprived for lack of any new experience, I see it more as a brief breathing space in life’s mad ramblings. I could of course tell you how funny it was to watch my mistress attempt to put up some outdoor Christmas lights. She arranged them neatly round the tree and only then found that the cable was about three feet too short to reach the plug. It kept me amused.

The Christmas preparations are coming on, with the all important Tesco’s order in hand. I jumped up and down a bit saying “Don’t forget to order extra dog biscuits.” I think my Mistress listened. It isn’t just that I’m being greedy, although there is certainly an element of that. It’s because my cousin Jack is coming to stay and I wouldn’t like us to run out.

Perhaps the funniest thing is that my Mistress got on the bathroom scales, an event that doesn’t take place very often and for good reason. She has now announced that she wants to lose some weight between now and Easter. What I’m not allowed to say is just how much that is. I was feeling very smug until she pointed out if she stopped snacking between meals then I wouldn’t be getting a bit of whatever she would have had either. I don’t feel quite so happy about this whole diet thing now. I suppose it would be a bit unreasonable to expect her to give me a corner of biscuit and then not have one herself.