Wednesday 3rd December 2008

I’m a pin-up! It is so exciting. I’d completely forgotten that my picture was on the calendar for December. Then I went into the kitchen and there I was, with my nose covered in snow. It wasn’t all that different when I went outside, except I was no longer puppy sized, but the snow was much the same. I suppose strictly speaking it wasn’t exactly the same as the snow in the picture was Belgian snow and the snow in the garden is English. I’m wondering if that means they taste a little different.

One thing I have started to understand whilst out in the snow, is the difference between four paw drive and two paw, or feet in my Mistress’s case. When one of my paws slips from under me, there are another three to keep me in place. When one of my Mistress’s paws slips from under her, she lands on the ground with a bit of a thud. She has managed to find some great overshoes that have little studs in them to provide grip. They are without question practical, but given how clumsy she can be when she walks I had to say that at any time she is wearing them, I refuse to be kept on a short lead. I don’t want to be anywhere near where she can accidentally stand on my paws in those. I have offered her an alternative. If she’d like to get a little sled to sit on then attaché it to a harness, I could pull her along behind me. We may not go in an exactly straight line and I might remember not to chase after things while she’s there. All things considered, it could be quite fun. I wonder if you need a licence to drive a dog cart on the road?