Monday 24th November 2008

Well blow me! There I was stuck in kennels and they didn’t even go away for the weekend. My Mistress spent the weekend in bed with bronchitis and decided I was probably better where I was in kennels than at home being coughed over. She may have a point.

My campaign for election as Prime Minister has begun. As you would expect in this modern age, I have not gone through the traditional channels but have launched it through a group on Facebook. I’m pleased to say we are already gaining in membership and I am looking forward to meeting complete strangers wearing my campaign sweatshirts sometime soon. I have turned my attention back to the important matter of policies and to add to the growing body of decisions I have already made, I want to make begging unnecessary. It is degrading to a dog, let alone a human, to have to resort to begging to obtain the basics in life. We demand the right to help ourselves to dog biscuits and the leftover meal scraps, without needing to ask. This would be a big step in the emancipation of dogs.

Our policies will not just extend to dogs, we will of course look at the human issues that affect our lives. It has come to our attention that the Chancellor is suggesting a reduction in VAT. Whilst on the surface this is a good idea, I’m sure he hasn’t given any thought to the amount of work involved in changing computer systems and accounting processes to accommodate this. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to discourage him from reducing it, but I am proposing that he abolishes it altogether to save anyone from paying it over and constantly worrying that they may have calculated it incorrectly.