Tuesday 25th November 2008

I’ve been giving some more thought to VAT and can’t help but think, given it’s a tax on ordinary people’s spending that if it has to exist, it should at least be at a rate that ordinary people can work out, like 10%. Let’s face it, how many of you find it easy to work out what 17.5% of something is? I would also like to propose that all pet supplies are exempt for VAT and that dogs should be able to recover the VAT on all their purchases. It isn’t as though we benefit from the EU. Where is our freedom of movement? We still have to show our passport and have all sorts of health tests as though we were any common alien. I hesitate to suggest there should be any exception made for cats, they can do their own campaigning.

The wet white stuff seems to have vanished again and we are back to more normal weather, Actually that’s not strictly true. The bit about the wet white stuff is true, but the sky is mysteriously blue rather than November grey, which Is quite a lot better as far as I’m concerned.

I need some new people to play with. The novelty of putting treats in my birthday toy seems to have worn off for my Mistress. Maybe if I hadn’t made it look quite so easy I could have strung the enjoyment out for longer. I guess I didn’t quite get the balance between the immediate showing off proving what a clever dog I am and the maintaining of my Mistress’s interest in my progress. There are some things in which showing how good you are isn’t always the best way forwards. I’ve got a lot to learn!