Tuesday 30th September 2008

Yes it was me, but no I didn’t mean to do it and you really wouldn’t think that something as small as that could cause so much harm! My Mistress was just about to unplug the vacuum cleaner from the socket on the landing when I came along, a little bit excited and wondering what I was missing in the world. I ran right into the cleaner wire. I just didn’t see it. I pulled it out of the wall, but held my paw up to say, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not hurt.’ My Mistress on the other hand said something like ‘Ow’. How could she be hurt, she wasn’t the one that ran into the wire? Then she rolled up her trouser leg and you will never believe what I’d done. The sudden friction of the wire around her ankle had left quite a bad burn. As I said to her, ‘Look on the bright side, at least when you’re writing your next crime book, if you have someone tied up with an electrical cable, you now know first hand just how bad the marks are that it can leave.’ Strangely she didn’t seem much cheered by this.

My Master nearly didn’t get his flight this week. He was busy playing on the computer when his taxi arrived, two hours before he was expecting it. It’s funny how even at his age the twenty four hour clock is still a complete mystery and when he sees 15.15 written down as the time, his brain can still register it as 5pm instead of 3. It’s the numbers that do it. I find it much easier to rely on my body clock than worry about watching hands going round. Occasionally it means I jump into bed with my Mistress a bit before she was expecting me in the morning, but at least she never oversleeps!