Thursday 18th September 2008

Well I don’t know where my little flock disappeared off to without so much as telling their surrogate sheepdog that they were going, but the good news is that they are now back. I popped out yesterday to wind up Hugo, which frankly makes good sport on a dull afternoon and there they were. What’s the point in shouting at Hugo when I can have a chat with my sheep? So I went and told them how pleased I was to have them back and I’m sure for a minute there that they might have chewed the cud with a little more enthusiasm. It really is very hard to tell when a sheep is happy.

It doesn’t matter where we live the one thing that is guaranteed is that the boiler will stop working. Joyfully, it has happened again. I’m not directly affected by the lack of hot water, but indirectly I have to live with this miserable smelly family so will someone please fix our boiler. I am concerned that the temperature is starting to fall and I might have been able to expect a warm radiator to lie in front of, but I can always get under the duvet if things get bad.

The good news it that in the worse case scenario we can always go and sit in the new house up the road. At least until the alterations start it has four walls and a roof and it seems a working heating and hot water system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any furniture and although it is easy for me to take a spare dog bowl up there my Mistress grumbles about the lack of coffee making facilities. However if you see a bleary eyes woman in a dressing gown and slippers carrying a towel along the road, it may be my Mistress on her way to have a morning shower.