Friday 19th September 2008

When you travel abroad with a suitcase, the general idea is that you take the things you need to use while you’re there. When you travel a lot, I’m led to believe that the risk of being parted from your luggage increases. I avoid this problem, I wear my only set of clothes, if you disregard my ‘security’ tee shirt, and I travel by car keeping my beloved food bowl close by at all times.

For my Master travelling is an altogether different experience. He takes a small suitcase that he entrusts to the lovely people at the airport. Now admittedly, most people go to a place for more than a day, but for him short trips are not uncommon.

This week he flew to Brussels from Newcastle but is flying back to Leeds Bradford. It’s a trip he’s done before and all has gone well. This time the lovely people at the airport became a little too efficient and checked his bag all the way through from Newcastle to Bradford in one go. He stood forlornly at the luggage carousel in Brussels waiting for his bag, but whilst all the other passengers took theirs his did not appear.

Eventually he found a little man who was able to tell him that had put his bag away for safe keeping, so that it was ready for his return flight the following day. He explained he’d rather like his pyjamas and toothbrush for that day and after a little complication he was happily reunited with his jim-jams and could be safely tucked up with his teddy for the night. I don’t think the nice man at the airport offered to tuck him in, maybe that is an extra service they could start to offer.

Still he should look on the bright side, at least he’s staying somewhere that has hot water!