Wednesday 17th September 2008

There’s good news and bad news. My replacement gps device has arrived and my Mistress seems to have sorted out all the problems with the original one. Now all she has to do is get this one to work. I’ve suggested that whilst she is trying it out, she should wear it rather than me. I’m going to sit in from of the computer screen at home and watch where she’s travelling. It means I’ll know exactly when to start getting excited because she’s nearly home. It might save me having to nap on the door mat, so that I’m always prepared.

At last we seem to be back on food that involves chewing. There really is only so much soup that I can take and after several days I did enjoy getting my teeth into something. However, I was alarmed to find that the new dog food sack that my Mistress brought at the weekend is for the ‘less active dog’, is she trying to tell me something? I wonder if you can get marzipan for the less active owner?

I went outside to say good morning to the sheep this morning and what do you think? They’ve gone. My little flock have left me. Other than my owners there’s no one for me to worry and I know I worry them, but sometime as a dog you want a sheep to startle too. If they were hungry, they could have started on our grass. Ours is still green and lush, except where I’ve peed. They could have used the garden of our new house. I haven’t even peed there yet. I do hope they come back soon. I’m going to miss their baas. Whenever they called I went running to check they were ok. It’s ok for me to worry them, but I wasn’t going to stand for anyone else giving them a hard time.