Wednesday 10th September 2008

I did some of what I was told at dog training this week. It helped that the grass was dry and there weren’t too many new dogs in the class to distract me. The only dog I had an issue with this week was a little terrier that to be honest should have combed his hair before coming out. Unfortunately, when I chose to tell him he should smarten up a bit, it was me that got into trouble.

Other than that, it’s raining again. It appears to be feasible for our village to get completely cut off by flood waters if the rain carries on like this. My Mistress is wondering whether Tesco are geared up to do helicopter drops of food to the village, if we all ordered at once. I can just see her knocking on everyone’s door to find out what shopping they wanted.

Did I tell you that my Mistress had a go in the village ‘duck shoot’, despite it’s name, the purpose of the game was to hit a golf ball right across the pond and into a paddling pool. There were rings around the paddling pool that could score points as well. My Mistress did manage to get one across the pond to the target, but she also managed to scare witless a poor defenceless duck, who had to take the term ‘duck’ literally and scurry out of the way to avoid being hit.  Only about 5 of her 8 shots landed in the pond itself. I am expecting to find a few enterprising ducks diving to get the balls from the bottom of the pond and then selling them to the nearest golf course.

If the weather is going to stay like this, I hope they are going to put an open fire into the new house for me to lie in front of.