Tuesday 9th September 2008

‘Running round like a headless chicken’ has taken on a whole new meaning in our house. Due to my shaking it and frantically running round in circles at the same time, rubber chicken has lost its head. It is now the proverbial headless chicken, it’s just that it is me doing the running around!

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve never seen so much water as there is round here at the moment. The ducks can chose between the real pond and the two extra ponds that have appeared in the village, one on the Green and one in a field. You don’t need to go to a theme park to try out a water ride; you can just drive through the 30 metre long floods on the road and hope the car doesn’t break down before you get to the other side and if you want white water rafting, you can just go down to the river, where the surrounding fields and gardens now prove to be an interesting course, complete with obstacles of shed roofs, for sale posts and tree tops. Of course, if you are a dog who doesn’t like water, you can just curl up in your basket and use it all as an excuse not to go for a long muddy walk. The only problem with my approach is that my mistress is one of those dreadful hardy sorts, who doesn’t believe in staying in for a spot of rain. The only thing in my favour is that 30kg of dog in the sitting position is very difficult to make move!

I am claiming injury as my excuse for not being able to go out. I had a bit of a run in with a boxer the other day. Sadly this one had got her gloves off and her claw has left a nasty scratch on my chest. I got lots of sympathy and TLC from my Mistress. She very gently washed it and rubbed Germolene into it, but the least I can expect is to be pampered for a few days while I recover.