Thursday 11th September 2008

The computer gremlins have continued to be active in our house. After rebuilding the desktop computer that I use, my Mistress had exactly the same problem with her own laptop computer. Once again the disk had to be completely wiped and rebuilt. I’m keeping out of her way as she is far from happy. There she was feeling pleased that she was somewhere close to catching up, when woof, there it was gone. I asked if she’d like to borrow my machine while hers was broken, but I was desperately crossing my paws in the hope she wouldn’t accept.

My scratch from my fracas with the boxer is healing nicely. I hold my paw up occasionally and point to it in the hope of extending the sympathy but to no avail. It’s every dog for himself in this house, as I found to my cost now that my Master is home and wants his side of the bed back. The cheek of it, anyone would think that I’m nothing more than a bed warmer. And if that’s not bad enough I get blamed for things I haven’t done. Take the other day, James suddenly shouted ‘Alfie brought my riding boots into the hall and left all that mud.’ Now tell me, what would I want with a pair of riding boots? They aren’t even in my size. I’ve never had a penchant for shoes. Does he really think that my Mistress is going to be gullible enough to believe that it wasn’t his mistake to put his riding boots on the hall floor? I’m pleased to say that it was James who was told to get the vacuum cleaner out and not me, although by then I had done a fairly good job of eating the mud, which may, if I’m being strictly honest, have been horse manure.