Friday 22nd August 2008

To round off the stories about our holiday, I should just clarify that we only had one maggot incident and even then there were only about five or six that made a spectacular bid for freedom. They were however discovered by the intrepid Andrew, who quietly raised the alert to my Mistress, who more loudly passed the alert on to my Master, who went and dealt with the problem.

I’ve just realised that I’ve told tales about everyone except my Master. Well he was the one who, fifteen minutes after leaving home on the first day, said ‘I’ve forgotten my wallet, I need to go back.’ This was after my Mistress had done a great job in getting the car packed and getting everyone away on time. So we turned the car round and went back home. My Master searched the house, but still couldn’t find his wallet, so he made my Mistress unpack the car to get to his bag, which was right at the bottom at the back of the boot. And guess what? We’d got his wallet with us all the time. It was three quarters of an hour after our initial departure by the time we set off from home for the second time.

Now I just need to think about what you might want to know about a damp, cold log cabin in the middle of the woods. Obviously there’s the fact that it is raining and has been almost non stop since we arrived, but to be honest that is hardly news worthy! I can’t sleep in my Mistress’s room, I’m not allowed on the furniture and I’m not allowed to chase the rabbits. On top of that, it’s all a bit quiet with only my Mistress for company.