Friday 15th August 2008

I have thought of a way to promote my ‘Minimum wage for working dogs’ campaign. Have you ever heard of a dog being sent a tax return? Does the tax legislation stretch as far as your four pawed friends? If you can get your pet to work and then get the payment made direct to your dog, there would be no need to declare it on your own tax return. You would not have earned the money nor would you have received the income. Obviously if you do the work and had the payment made to your dog, that would be tax evasion and as the leader of a mainstream political party I couldn’t be seen to be countenancing that type of behaviour.

The Pet Dogs Democratic Party will not be campaigning for tax legislation to be extended to dogs, although obviously we do want full employment rights. This is an opportunity for man’s best friend to make a major contribution to the household budget and in these times of recession, that has to be a good thing. In fact thinking about it, I might just have found the very policy that will make me electable at the next election. Vote for Dog, Alfie Dog.