Saturday 16th August 2008

Explain this one to me. You start out with several boxes of food and you manage to fit all the food, all the cases and all the people and dog into the car. You then eat most of the food, you buy very little, as there aren’t many shops, then you come to pack the car at the end of the holiday. You would think based on that logically everything would fit into the car easily and we would all have a little bit more room. Clearly I am missing some key scientific principle, as it is now harder to get everything back into the car than it was at the start. We are taking some of the food home and I have offered to eat that now to save bothering, but I can’t explain how our belongings have expanded. My Mistress says the end of a holiday is always like this and that it’s got something to do with packing everything in a neat and tidy fashion at the start of the holiday and just bundling it at the end. I looked at her with concern lest she thought that I was the next thing to be bundled in, but was relieved that my spot on the back seat was still empty and waiting for me.

It will be good to get out of the car the other end and know that I’m not only home but back on dry land. I think I’m a land loving dog at heart.