Thursday 24th July 2008

We have now reached the point that the council had threatened they wouldn’t collect our rubbish bins, because the verges are too long and get in the way of the truck. It’s another council department who are supposed to cut the verges, so we are suspecting a bit of a conspiracy where they are all trying to reduce each others’ workloads. However, it is at our expense and if you had seen My Mistress struggling off down to the end of our land wheeling a very full green waste bin you would have been very sympathetic. At least after you’d finished laughing you would have been. She came out with some words I didn’t think she was capable of, but I think the gist of it was that it was enough to put her off recycling!

Whoever said that living in a village wasn’t eventful? Of course you’re going to think this is all a bit mundane, but when you get used to absolutely nothing happening then anything out of the ordinary gives something to talk about. A house alarm went off yesterday. Having lived here for five months, that is definitely the first time I can remember than happening. Oh the excitement. Mind you, the night before we had a power cut for four hours so it’s turning into quite a week.

My Mistress is busy trying to work out how you decide which architect they want to employ to design the extension to our new house. It’s funny how she was able to do things like that in business but feels totally lost doing it for us. I said she should just view us as a business and get on with it. She has been coming up with a list of difficult questions to ask them so that she can look intelligent. She’s fooling nobody, but I didn’t like to say that to her.