Wednesday 23rd July 2008

There is a fine dividing line between paranoia and acceptable concern and there are some who would say that my Mistress may have crossed it! The worst of it is that she has made me walk over it with her. I could see the point of the GPS after Bella got lost and we weren’t able to find her in time. I don’t actually plan to go off on my own, but then I didn’t plan to do it the last time I went off on my own either. It was just one of those things, spring was in the air and the gate was open. However, whilst I might have bought in to the idea of a little satellite navigation device on my collar, I am less sure about the fluorescent yellow life jacket that has just been ordered. I will acknowledge that I don’t like water and I am a little worried about our forthcoming boating holiday, but does she really think I am going to wear something that will clash so badly with my fur colour? I am happy to avoid water at all costs, but my mistress is worried that I might slip or end up in a game of tug with the children that goes wrong. To be frank, I think she is trying to avoid having to dive in after me. She also seems to think I have suddenly become stupid as she is trying the old psychology thing of asking me to wear it because it will help in getting Andy to wear his. Does she really think I am helpful enough to wear such an undignified item in order to encourage a child that being dressed like the Michelin man in the height of summer is really ok? I’m just glad that she didn’t buy the ‘dog rucksack’ she was looking at because she thought it would be good for me to carry my share when we go out for a walk!