Tuesday 22nd July 2008

The gypsies have now taken over the grass verge by the side of where I walk. I must admit I am finding it a little disconcerting to find two horses staring at me as I go to the toilet. They are chomping away on the very spot that I prefer to use and it just doesn’t feel right. I wondered if I should go up an have a quiet word, at very least ask them to turn the other way while I actually go. On the other paw, they are probably less than pleased to find the remains of my last few meals on the spot they are trying to chomp the grass.

On the exciting news front we have found a house to buy in the same village we live in now. To be more precise it is on the same road. In fact from a dog’s perspective there doesn’t seem a great deal of point in moving at all. Although it does have a bigger garden than the one we have now, so by the time I have some playmates we’ll have lots of room to chase each other. My Mistress has been putting together a list of requirements of changes we would all like to the house before me move in. I checked the most important detail, which is that Brian will still be our postman, so I shall still get my biscuits. I then asked of we could change the front door for a stable door as I so like being able to greet all the visitors at the door. James has put a bid in for an ensuite bathroom for his bedroom, I on the other paw said please could I not have anything to do with washing facilities but I really would like an inside toilet for wet days. Now let’s just see how important the dog is in the rankings in this house!