Thursday 17th July 2008

Disconcertingly, the wedding anniversary brought the addition of a teddy bear to the household. This is not just any teddy bear. He is about twice the size of me and looks as though he may have eaten one too many pies recently. Finding a home for him during the day isn’t too bad, he can have the top of the bed whilst I stay out of the way at the bottom. At night it is more of an issue. It is him or me. This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us. To be fair it seems to be him or me and my Master, as well as my Mistress of course, but the bear never seems to replace her. I think we may have to set him up with a bedroom  of his own, so that he is undisturbed by the arrival of other people wanting to use what he is now claiming is his bed. Either that, or we move house and leave him to it.