Tuesday 24th June 2008

There’s something you may be able to help me with. I’ve been trying to work out where colour goes when it fades in the sun. Now I can understand when something goes in the washing machine that colour washes out of things and ends up in the water that goes down the plug hole, but what about when you stand something on the window sill and it fades? You don’t find a little pile of colour piling up in another corner. You don’t see the air around the item changing colour as it carries it away. So how does it work? If you put the coloured item in a clear sealed vacuum does it still happen? I’m hoping one of you will be able to tell me because now I’ve wondered it’s annoying me. I would ask one of the other dogs round here but to be honest from what conversation I’ve had so far they don’t strike me as an educated bunch.

I’m back on to the subject of superstitions. Now whether or not you believe in them may be a moot point but if someone gets themselves so confused that they spill pepper and then throw it over their right shoulder in the belief that it will ‘blind the devil’ what exactly do you say to them. Do you say a) I’m not superstitious. b) Do you think the devil knows the difference between salt and pepper? C) Do you know your right from your left? Beyond that if you are superstitious and you believe that pepper is in fact salt and that your right is in fact your left, does your belief mean that the devil will say “Ok fair game, you got me.”? Perhaps if you are of a superstitious nature it pays to learn your condiments and which is left and right!