Thursday 19th June 2008

Every so often my Mistress needs to take a spoon of her own medicine. There she is telling my Master all the things he needs to remember for his journey back to Belgium to take his car back to the garage there. She made sure he remembered all the bits and pieces that needed to be put back. She remembered to tell him to take everything out that needed to be left here so he didn’t have too much to carry back. What she forgot to do was give him the spare set of keys that she has kept all this time. Maybe if she had thought a little more about the things she needed to do and a little less about worrying about everyone else she could have saved herself the cost of first class postage!

My Mistress is expressing concern about me. I don’t seem to be able to differentiate between ‘cub scouts’ and ‘dog training’. Yesterday when lots of cars started arriving at the field over the road where I go for dog training, it seemed a reasonable assumption on my part that sooner or later some of my friends would show up. How was I to know that this was training for little boys and not little dogs? I whimpered and whined and ran round the house trying to find windows to look out of to find what I was missing. It didn’t matter how many times my Mistress said it was not something for me, I just didn’t believe her. Admittedly there were no answering barks when I called out in the garden but I just thought the others hadn’t heard me so I barked more loudly. It was only when she put my lead on and took me for a walk and let me see for myself that I would actually believe what she was telling me. Oh well, I’ll know next time.