Wednesday 18th June 2008

My Mistress received an email yesterday about a GPS tracker system for dogs. She asked if I’d like to try it. Well obviously after losing Bella a few weeks ago, I can only see it as a good thing. I’m not planning to go off on my own. I know which way my dog biscuit is buttered, but just supposing I did get lost it would be comforting to know that my Mistress could find me quickly. Just think, if Bella had had one of those on her collar we might have been able to get to her in time. I suppose it doesn’t really do to think ‘what if?’ all the time, but it does make you wonder just a little bit.

I did wonder for just a little while whether I was concerned that it was an invasion of my civil liberties. Should I, as leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, be arguing that this is turning into a ‘Big Brother Society’ and before we know it we will find detention without charge and euthanasia acceptable practices. Oh I acknowledge all those dreadful things happen in the dog world but it is one thing recognising and fighting against there evils and it is quite another starting to think they are acceptable. I decided that on balance I could accept the tracking device as being in my own interest. I have no wish to get lost and certainly don’t want to come to any harm. I think it might also give my Mistress a bit more courage to give me greater freedom as well, although she did say it would help if I could learn to obey her commands and get some road sense from somewhere. I have stopped chasing vans, so I have made some progress but I still forget to look right and left before crossing the road.