Saturday 19th April 2008

I know I’m only a dog, but I would have thought the point behind reusable bags for vacuum cleaners was that they were possible to reuse. What is the point in having ones that are so difficult to empty that you have to give up and go to buy disposable bags instead. Having watched my Master trying to empty all my hair out of the bag the other day, the reusable bag seemed to be more designed to redistribute the dirt that to be easy to empty. He did point out as it was mainly my hair then I should be the one emptying it but hey I plead ‘pet status’, I can’t be expected to do the housework. In this instance my Mistress pleads ‘dust allergy status’ and is excused on that basis.

In addition to Bella joining our household from tomorrow, my Mistress, in one of her weaker moments, promised Andy that he could have a rabbit. I asked for a rabbit but she didn’t say I could have one. Now she says I can look after Andy’s when he isn’t with us, which I suppose is almost as good. We’ve seen this really good rabbit hutch. It’s a double fronted, two storey affair. What rabbit wouldn’t be happy to live in such palatial luxury? We are going to get a run too, so that he can nibble the grass and have a good run about without being able to ‘go native’ and go out to join the extensive local wild rabbits. I did wonder, given how nice the hutch looks, whether on of the local rabbits might consider moving in, to save us the bother of buying one. I suppose once a free animal always a free animal, unless times are hard out there for the rabbit community and one of them fancies a cushy little number here.