Friday 18th April 2008

Are washing lines the modern day equivalent of rain dances? I suppose to be strictly accurate the line would be the equivalent of the dancers; the dance only starts if you actually hang the washing on the line. I’m starting to get the impression that it goes further than that. If you only hang old clothes on the line it will drizzle but if you hang your most delicate clothing out, then it will probably lead to flash flooding and golf ball sized hailstones. I’m just glad that all I have to do to dry my clothing is have a good shake.

Well this is a very exciting weekend. For two and a half years I have been an only dog, well an only pet if I’m being precise. I will today get into the car to go and visit my grandparents and for the last time I will have no playmate for the journey. There are aspects of no longer being an only pet that I hadn’t really though of until my Mistress sat down with me to have a little ‘chat’. I won’t get to ride in the front of the car very often as usually there will be two of us. How are we going to travel if my Mistress uses her little two-seater car? Now she could have it insured for me to drive and I could take Bella out, but failing that we need to devise a clever arrangement of sharing to get us both in. My Mistress did say she would still want some times that were just the two of us, so maybe it will be ok.

I’m getting to spend the day looking after my grandparents tomorrow while my Master and Mistress go to visit some friends from a long time ago. Then on Sunday we will all set off to collect Bella. I’m terribly excited but I’m guessing I may need to be sensitive to the fact that it could all be a little bit stressful for Bella.