Tuesday 25th March 2008

For the record - I found some sunshine!

At last there is a film with a decent role for a dog. ‘The Game Plan’ stars a dog called Spike. His role is important throughout the film. He doesn’t get forgotten as the plot becomes all about the humans. He gets to sleep in the bed too, which is a great advert for the dog world. My Mistress has promised to buy the film for me on DVD when it comes out, so that I can watch Spike acting as often as I want to.

I did forget to tell you that I’d had a bath. It has taken me a couple of days to get over the trauma. As with the last time, my Master held me in the bath whilst my Mistress soaped me all over. It was devastating. I went in smelling of accumulated grime and came out smelling of shampoo. I could almost see the point because my coat was beautiful and shiny and I did look rather good, but it was a high price to pay for vanity.

We had a surprise visit from my aunt yesterday. She’s the one I had a good growl at on one occasion but I tried to remember to behave myself this time as I really do like her and she is my Mistress’s sister, which does make her pretty special.

Today James is going for a horse riding lesson but I don’t think I’m being allowed to go with him. It’s a shame really. I promised to be good, but the fact I used to try jumping out to scare the horses when we lived in Belgium, seems to have counted against me in some small way.

There seems to be something going on over the question of another dog joining our household. No one will tell me exactly what’s happening. They say it’s a surprise. Do you think they might have decided I am old enough to have my own pet after all?