Monday 24th March 2008

When I wrote my diary yesterday I hadn’t been out. I hadn’t so much as looked out of the window. I just came down in my diary and tapped away at the keys. You may wonder why I’m telling you this, but it is essential background to the surprise I got when I did go outside. There was snow, everywhere, about 2 inches of it. It came right up my paws in a very cold wet sort of way as I walked across the garden to my favourite toilet spot. There were children sledding down the road next to us. I asked my Mistress if I could go out and ask them for a go, but she said as the vet wouldn’t be open on a Sunday it sounded a bit too high risk. I think to be honest, she was just disappointed that she was too big to ask them for a go. I said to her, this is the sort of time you should have trained me to pull a cart or a dog sled and if we had a pack of dogs, we could take you out around the country lanes. She said she rather liked the idea but in the light of my heart murmur thought the strain might not be good for me. I asked if she could get a pack of dogs to pull me along instead and she said she’d think about it, so it wasn’t a straight no!

The Easter Bunny delivered Easter Eggs to the children and my Master yesterday. Given that My Mistress can’t eat chocolate she was expecting to be left out, but the Easter Bunny had done a wonderful job of finding some of the biscuits she can eat, before the recipe got changed. You see in a tragic turn of events the dairy free biscuits she loves have been improved and ‘now contain milk’. When the shopping arrived the other day, my poor Mistress just burst into tears when she found out, but thanks to the Easter Bunny (in disguise as my Master) at least the emergency situation has been postponed. She always gives me a corner of them too, so I was rather pleased.