Sunday 23rd March 2008

Never let it be said that a woman is not safe with power tools. However, it is probably safe to say that my Mistress is not particularly safe with power tools, at least she didn’t look it from where I was standing. I kept a safe distance as she valiantly changed some of the door handles that have been attacking her in recent weeks. The old ones looked nice, as long as you didn’t mind trapping your fingers and pulling tendons in your hands when you opened the doors. Funnily enough I thought they were all right, but then I rarely open doors for myself. I was just grateful that something was causing my Mistress more bruises than I was for a change!

I have a feeling I should consult my union, if only I had one. This dog training thing is going too far. If I am to become a show dog I can see where ‘heel’, ‘sit’ ‘lie down’ and ‘stay’ come from, but where on Crufts did you see the dogs having to pick up the rubbish that their Master’s had dropped and put it in the waste paper basket? I even heard my Mistress say she was going to start me on picking up the dirty washing and putting it in the basket later. Let’s hope I don’t get those the wrong way round! Dirty clothes – waste paper basket, Rubbish – washing basket. It sure is a dog’s life.

I was rather hoping to be having my own Easter Egg hunt today but it turns out that if the weather is good, the rest of the family are going to an organised Easter Egg Hunt that is not for dogs! Family Day Out the leaflet said, I’m thinking of reporting them to the Trades Descriptions people, I’m part of this family.