Thursday 20th March 2008

Well amongst the excitement I’d forgotten I was going to the vet yesterday. It was one of those ‘good news’ & ‘bad news’ type of events. The good news was they did have details of horse riding for James, the bad news was they did have details of dog training, for Sooty mainly but there was a rumour that I might have to go. Then there was the good news that I have had my kennel cough vaccination and don’t need to have that horrible up the nose injection, but that was followed by the bad news of the rabies needle advancing in my direction. Just as I thought it was all over the vet began to explain that following her examination of me, I seem to have a slight heart murmur. I didn’t know what to say, my Mistress asked all the right questions about exercise and what to look out for, I was just in shock. You know what it’s like when someone tries to explain bad news to you, you sometimes just don’t take it in. They always say take a notepad, but I thought I was only going to get my passport updated. My Mistress went through it all with me when I got home and had calmed down a bit, apparently, it explains why I have been coughing when I over exert myself. It also explains why I don’t choose to over exert myself very often and have been accused of being lazy. Me lazy, ha. I now have a medical reason why it is all right for me to spend all morning snuggled up on the duvet. The worst bit of what she was told was that I should not be allowed to become overweight. Oh dear, fewer treats, as long as it is my dog food ration that’s cut and not the marzipan, I suppose I’ll cope.