Friday 14th March 2008

Well I’m much happier to be packing to go away today, knowing that I am going with my Master and Mistress. It’s always going to be good when I see the walking boots being packed. I was a little alarmed to see the waterproofs going in, but I suppose you can’t have everything.

When I got back yesterday, the first thing I did was made sure Hector and Hugo knew I was back. I did it in true doggy fashion and went and peed on the fence between my house and theirs. I suspect that will wind Hugo up, but to be honest I couldn’t resist. It seems my Mistress had made the most of the time I was away, she went in search of the Reference Library in York. It wasn’t lost, it was just that she didn’t know where it was. I’m pleased to say she did find it and has come back armed with books and audio books. Now don’t get me wrong, she hasn’t stolen a whole load of stuff from the reference library, she went to the lending library in the same building as well. I asked what she’d brought back for me but it seems I will just have to enjoy her selections. I hope she isn’t planning to listen to them on our journey later today. She was disappointed that they didn’t have everything she was looking for but then it wasn’t all that big a library. She says she is going to have to spend half an hour in a large newsagents, reading all the magazines, for her other research. I hope she leaves them neat and tidy. I thought the idea of a newsagent was so that you could buy the magazine, but then what do I know? I’m just the dog!