Thursday 13th March 2008

I wasn’t very happy to be left at the kennels. Whilst my mistress was checking me in and discussing whether or not I’d had my kennel cough vaccination, I just stood there shaking. I growled a bit at one lady, but in a very unconvincing way. They tried to cheer me up by giving me some of my food and promising me a walk, I wasn’t convinced though. The overall stay wasn’t too bad. My mistress had made sure I knew I could ring her if I really didn’t like it. She said she would come and pick me up immediately but I promised to do my best. I know it isn’t her fault that she can’t take me everywhere and I do appreciate that she has found a holiday that I can go on, so the least I could do was try to settle in. As it turned out it was not as bad as I expected. I didn’t like being in what was little more than a cage for the day, but I did get plenty of exercise and there were other dogs to keep me company. I wasn’t sorry when my Mistress picked me up this morning and said we were going home. I’m a bit concerned that I heard her booking me in for a week later in the year, but at least Sooty will be staying with me. I will probably be so busy looking after Sooty that I won’t notice the time going by. I wonder if he’ll be any good at tug by that stage or whether he will still be too small to put up any real struggle.

Whilst I was there the winds were very bad. To be honest I think that added to my feeling unsettled. There’s nothing worse than the sound of howling winds to give you the creeps when you are in a strange place.